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Sing, Talk, and Read with Your Child.

Learning to read and write begins before children start school. Help your child get ready to learn with simple activities every day.

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Even as babies, young children are learning to think, play, feel and eat โ€” skills and habits that will one day help them succeed in school, enjoy time with friends and grow into healthy adults.

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Providing safe and healthy environments for young children to grow and learn is a major priority in the District of Columbia. LearnDC offers information about services in DC for young children and their families, and resources for supporting healthy early childhood development.

Everyone involved in the lives of young children in the District of Columbia โ€” parents and families, child care providers, pediatricians, teachers and community members โ€” can use the information and resources available on LearnDC to support the young children they care about to meet their health, social-emotional and mental needs.

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